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One of the questions clients always ask, is ‘how often should I do pilates’.  For beginners I would advise three times a week is a good base – perhaps 15 minutes a time.  Once you have learnt the full 34 mat work exercises and they are ingrained in the body, the sessions to complete the full repetoire, should only take about an hour.  We must remember that we all pass through a number of stages; from not knowing what we are really doing, knowing what we should be doing but not competently, being competent but still having to think conciously about what we are doing and the ultimate goal of unconsciously moving in a easy rhythm and with a new found lightness and tensegrity.

If you think three times a week is a big commitment remember what the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauser said “To neglect one`s body for any other advantage in life is the greatest of follies”


Teacher with Contrology Pilates Method Studio

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    I always was concerned in this topic and stock still am, thanks for putting up.

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